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  • Phone: 065 727 6444
  • Soi 15, Walking Street. Pattaya. 20150
  • Opening hours: 8.30pm – late
  • Jobs: สนใจร่วมงานกับ Sapphire โทร 065 727 6444
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  • Walking: We are located 30 metres down Soi 15 on the right, just off Walking Street. You can also access the club from 2nd Road
  • By taxi or motorbike taxi: Ask the driver for Soi 15, Walking Street. The driver should drop you off from the 2nd Road side (pinned location)
  • The cheapest and safest way to travel in Pattaya is by using the Bolt Taxi app.
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Sapphire Club and Gentleman's Club Pattaya파타야 워킹스트리트에서 만나요.

Sapphire Club has cemented itself as the best Pattaya nightlife destination. The club has been an institution in Pattaya for over a decade. Known for hosting some of the best events and parties with a mixed scene of people and music. We have the best selection of Thai beauties to mix it up.